About Barrett Creative


About Barrett Creative – Our Approach to Business

At Barrett Creative, we’ve created a team that is second to none and are experts alone in their field. From internet marketing and website development to logo design and video editing, each day, every one of us, wakes up astounded we get to do what we love and help our clients share their products, services and promote their brands and generate incredible results. We will never claim to be the best, we let out clients do that for us. We simply create game changing media solutions that completely sets you apart from your competition. A lot of other companies set the finish line when they complete your project. We see that as the starting gate. Why? Because we don’t count any video, website or printed project as a success unless it generates results.

In 2001, I started Barrett Creative on 4 foundational pillars:

1) Over-Deliver
2) Under-Charge
3) Establish Relationships for Life
4) Always Give Back



In a competitive marketplace, we realize we’re only as good as our last project. And in a sense, each project is a great resume as to why someone should be interested in working with us or not. What it all boils down to though is passion. We absolutely love to do what we do. We love to learn about different industries, businesses and organizations. We love the people we meet and the clients we serve. We love the challenge to work through a variety of mediums to produce unimaginative results and success stories for all of our clients. Every project, whether big or small, demands our unmatched dedication.

It’s not all about the money either. Seriously, if we hit the lottery, we’d still be doing this. It’s what we we’re created to do and our trophy case isn’t lined with industry awards, (We have those. They’re in boxes) our most prized trophies are the cards and notes clients send to thank us for going the extra mile, for getting more calls or contacts than ever before and the tremendous successes they’re experiencing through a video, website or printed piece we’ve created for them. In all honesty, that’s why we do what we do. We’re competitive people and we’re certainly competitive on behalf of our clients. We become part of your team (even if we’re not invited) and have a vested interest in your success. We believe our best advertising is not in magazines and on the radio, we believe it’s in our work.


One of the most common misconceptions about Barrett Creative is we’re “unaffordable”. We get that all the time. People say, “I’d love to work with you but there’s no way I could afford you.” Well, just because we do excellent work and are meticulously detailed about our design doesn’t mean we’re unaffordable.

Should we charge more? Probably. I’ve been told that countless times but I believe if you treat people right, charge an honest price and deliver an exceptional product, you’ll generate residual work and those clients will quickly become your best salespeople. We’ve never been about charging crazy prices, cutting corners and moving on. (Trust me, we get plenty of clients who are coming from other companies who took that approach) We’re simply about creating hyper-successful products for rates much less than you think.

But in the effort of transparency, we’re not the cheapest around either and we don’t want to be. Why? Because we don’t create websites, videos and print designs from templates. We are very intentional about our work. We design each piece for your specific needs, from a blank canvas, with conversions and specific goals in mind. But in the end, don’t let the quality of our work intimidate you by thinking we’re unaffordable. What would your business become with a website and internet marketing that generates leads, converts customers and creates sales? What would your organization look like with a compelling vision video or commercial that helps the phone start ringing? What about a new logo, brand and image identity that sets you apart from the rest of your competition? Is that something your business can afford not to do?

Establish Relationships for Life:

It might sound funny as a business principle but our most valuable resources are the relationships we develop along the way. We are tremendously thankful for each client who entrusts us with their business needs. We take that very seriously because we’re a small business too and we understand the risks, competition and other factors businesses face each day. We’re here to help each client grow and we’re excited to grow with them. Countless clients have called us to discuss areas of their business we don’t even cover but they do it because they know we care. Even sometimes we connect clients with each other when we see an opportunity for a win/win situation that will help their business grow or could become a potential opportunity to compliment each other. In essence, we’re on your team and it shows. We put our experience, in every area, on the table for you and are open, honest and passionate to see you succeed and grow with you. We know how we treat you today determines whether you take us with you tomorrow.

Always Give Back:

No matter what business you’re in, I believe you can’t go wrong with giving back. In 2008, I helped create the Trash Mountain Project by going to Honduras and creating a short documentary about children and families who live and work in trash dump communities. The experience was life-transforming, the people I met were awe-inspiring and through giving back with the gifts and talents I’ve been blessed with, we were able to raise more than $400,000 to help build a school and homes for those within that community. It moved us so much, we shot documentaries in Cambodia, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Since that first film, we have helped raise more than $2 million to help build homes, schools and tomorrow’s leaders in trash dump communities.

We’ve also given back here at home by helping establish the Polk Project, which helps feed homeless school children, through designing their logo, website, corporate stationary as well as their vision and mission for the organization, we quickly helped the dream become a reality. We connected them with their early anchor partner and watched the organization continue to serve children to this day.