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Shooting with the Canon 5D Mark II

Industry experts are quoted as saying:

“The 5D produces the best video in low light that I’ve ever seen – at 1080p.”

“You no longer need half-million dollar’s worth of high definition video cameras and lenses delivered by a truck with its own driver to shoot a high definition film in low light – you just need a 5D Mark ii and a few lenses”

“Everyone has been waiting for the video camera that can also take stills… here’s a still camera that can shoot stunning video.”

A top commercial film editor with expertise in the $20k RED camera says, “The 5D MKII is far superior to the RED camera in terms of low light performance…”

Barrett Creative purchased one of the first Canon 5D Mark ii cameras released and let’s just say we’ve been more than impressed. The film like quality we’re able to get while saving our clients thousands of dollars in expensive rental fees have been amazing. It’s always fun to sit with a client at the screening and look at their face when the first image comes up. They can’t believe it.

We’ve traveled across America and even Honduras and Cambodia shooting with this amazing camera. It simply allows us to tell a story with the same quality that’s been exclusive to Hollywood. We’re also able to deliver high quality still images to our clients for use in print materials. This gives a tremendous advantage when it comes to consistency.