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Sony FS700 – We’re excited to welcome a new camera to our lineup

Ever since the Canon 5D Mark ii was released and allowed filmmakers to shoot beautifully filmic images with shallow depth of field, it’s opened up a whole new way to create and tell moving stories. I’ll never forget, with my jaw dropped, the day I watched Vincent LaForet’s video test with the 5D Mark ii. It was as transformational a day in our industry as ever happened before and I knew I needed one. I was lucky to skip the wait and purchase that camera the day it was released. (Thanks to Marshall’s Camera in Auburndale, FL) It was so different than anything I’d shot on before but the images were stunning. And so the journey began.

My trusty 5D Mark ii has traveled with me all across America and all over the world helping me capture interviews with world leaders, creating short documentaries raising millions for families who live in trash dumps and shooting a feature film. (Which will be released this fall) As amazing as this camera is, it did have it’s limitations. It recorded in a delivery format (h.264), didn’t have professional audio inputs, had a 12 minute record limit and has a bit of aliasing in the image.

At Barrett Creative, we not only want to stay on the cutting edge, we know we’re only as good as our last project. Last year, we invested in the Sony FS100 Cinema camera. It was an interesting transition going to that camera from a DSLR but once we got used to it, it’s simply an amazing picture. Shooting with it over the past year, it kept getting better with each shoot. Then Sony released the FS700.

With the ability to shoot super slow motion speeds up to 240 frames per second at full high definition quality, Sony simply changed the game again. This is a camera that I have been watching but I learned to never buy a camera before the National Association of Broadcasters convention in early April each year. That’s when companies make their big announcements and release all their new gear. Well, this year, no camera beat the Sony FS700 but some companies released external recorders that allow this camera to record at 4K quality. After hours of research, we made the purchase.

Now, we have a lineup of two of the best cinema cameras on the market in the FS100 and the new FS700. This pushes our already superior quality to a completely higher level. We’re excited to start creating amazing stories for businesses and organizations with this new addition.

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