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Website Design Tips – Templates Cost More.

Templates cost more? Yeah, right! I can spend $29.00 and I’m good, right?

Think again about that. Yes, many website design companies use templates, change the colors, throw up your logo and send you an invoice. You see your website up and running but it might not get the results you desire. We deal with a stream of clients each year who come to us with an existing website that’s not working for them.

Here’s some issues that can arise with using a template:

1. Dirty Code – We know by experience that the code included with template sites aren’t always clean. This means it might look satisfactory in your browser but it can cause a lot of grief when trying to rank in search engines. Why? It’s all about search engine spiders and the more junk the need to crawl through to find your content, the less likely they will rank you. Also, for the sites we design, we create a site map file we submit to Google that lets them know where your content is. Templates don’t come with this.

2. Design Matters – When using a template, you’re pretty much boxed in (literally) to replacing their images and text with that of yours. This doesn’t always work out great and if you don’t have the right content for areas, it pretty much blows your cover of a website designed for your business or organization. If you have this problem, just tell people you really know how to make great use of “white space”.

3. User Experience – At Barrett Creative, we’re really big on creating websites with great user experiences. We want people to be able to find what they’re looking for on your site and contact you easily. That’s why we start with a blank canvas and create a site map before we design the first element. We want to make sure we think your content, pages and calls to action without reservation. Using templates requires you to mold your content to the available boxes they have available. As we say around here, “That’s not cool at all.”

4. Unique Pages – A client recently came to us with a template site another website company threw up for him. He has over 20 products he offers but on his old site they were all on one page. We put an end to that. When we created his new custom website, we created a unique page for each service. It doesn’t take a whole lot more effort and the search results he’s now getting are night and day better. By creating a unique page for each product, we’re able to add better detailed content as well as header, url and title tags. That might sound greek to you but Google understands it and they’re fans.

In the end, a template site is cheap and some website design companies can get away with “customizing” them, making quick money and moving on. At Barrett Creative, we don’t do business that way. Our goal is to create a relationship with each of our clients through results. We take the time to create websites the right way that stand the test of time.

Template sites are more expensive because they cost you higher search engine rankings, cost you website traffic and the cost of re-designing your site the right way. If you have a template site, don’t let this post scare you. there’s hope. If you are in the market for a website, now you know what to look out for.

If you have a template site you’d like us to review for you, let us know. We’ll be happy to give you a fairly detailed report for no charge.

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