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Graphic & Print Design Will:

• Create an identity: – If you need a logo that will stand the test of time, browse no more. We do more than create crazy lines or but stock logos, we actually study your market. From color psychology to intricate font selection, the design is in the details and with Barrett Creative it shows.

• Help you establish a great first impression: – Print is not dead. Business cards will always be here even with as many QR codes you feel you can scan. Great print design is more than what comes from the computer. It’s still about texture and feel. At Barrett Creative, we provide a full service print design experience. Whether you’re printing on a custom paper stock or plastic business cards, we’ll make you stand out.

• Help you tell your story: – We love creating brochures and booklets that tell great stories about what your business or organization is all about. Life is about stories that help you remember details. We’ll help you find your story and create amazing printed pieces that make impressions.


So we worked really hard to come up with three sections that all start with the letter “D”. The cool thing is that they actually reflect the actual stages or our process.

From your logo all the way to your letterhead and business cards, we’ll make sure your corporate image reflects your style. Think of it this way: your logo is the nucleus of it all. It’s what everything else revolves around. If you start with a strong logo and design style, everything else works in conjunction. A great logo will stay strong in other media as well.

We like our clients! We like talking to them, we like finding out what makes their business tick and we like hearing their views and sharing our own.

We will listen to you, research your field and begin to bring to life the visual elements that represent your company.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and we are creatively focused on your design solutions. No matter what the scope of the project, we will help you communicate your message with memorable impact. Whether it’s a brochure to attract your customer’s attention, an advertisement that drives the reader to visit your website, or a business card you’ll be proud to exchange-we vow to deliver a quality design every time, and have fun while we are doing it!


It is important that a familiarity exists between your company’s logo, letterhead, website, videos and other promotional materials to help instill your identity in your customer’s minds. Because we offer video production, web design and graphic design services under one roof, we have an advantage in keeping your brand consistent. The result is a clear marketing message with a high-impact design that drives more business.


Our most popular website and internet marketing services:

Why we’re different from other companies?

We know that the key to any successful business is relationships, which is why outstanding service and delivery on each project is our main objective. You can count on us to be honest, dependable and fun to work with. We love what we do and our passion shows through our work.

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