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Video Production – Andress Electric Vision Video

Benefits of a Vision Video

  • Interactively Introduce Your Company
  • Easily Community Your Call To Action
  • Easily Share On Social Networks
  • Embed On Your Website
  • Control Your First Impression
  • Clearly Define the User Experience


Project Overview:

Since we were building the new website for Andress Electric, we thought it would be great to create a video so users could connect and be introduced to Marshall Andress when they were making their decision on who to hire. Marshall has a magnetic personality and is dedicated to doing the right thing for his customers so we created a video to reinforce those principles.

Andress Electric was just awarded the contract to re-wire Bartow’s second oldest home, the John J. Swearingen House. This home, built in 1912, was a shooters paradise. The home was the perfect set to show Andress Electric’s attention to detail and quality service.

We shot an interview with Marshall and cut it together with some stunning b-roll (additional shots that compliment what the subject is describing) footage of the Swearingen House.

Vision videos are great because it allows viewers to connect with a company and personality before they have the chance to even meet you. In the age of more connections than ever, the personal touches are what seem to be missing most. Through the power of video, we create interactive introductions for business of all types.

The Web Design services Barrett Creative provided:

  • High Definition Video Production with Cinema Camera Package
  • Non-Linear HD Editing
  • Custom Animated Broadcast Graphics
  • Color Correction / Effects
  • Stock Music Bed / Sound Effects
  • H.264 High Definition Web Format

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