Website Design

Website Design

The term website design probably has a million meanings across the board. At Lakeland based Barrett Creative, it’s simply a process in which we’ve customized to create memorable websites that clearly communicate a message, deliver an enjoyable user experience and allow the visitor to interactively engage.

We’ve developed a seamless process when working with clients to help them discover exactly what they are looking for.

Step 1 – We ask questions.
At Barrett Creative we are lifelong learners. It intrigues us to learn about new businesses, organizations and new products. We try to absorb as much information as we can about your business and try to see it from the perspective of the business owner along with the eyes of a new website visitor.

We ask questions that might even challenge someone who’s been immersed in their own ways. These questions will challenge you to look at your business differently and will ultimately produce the information that we can use to create the message or story you wish to convey.

Step 2 – We Generate Ideas.
Once we’ve asked the important questions and feel like we understand your business pretty well, we start to dream and generate ideas that will engage your website visitors on every level. We understand that even in the SEO dominated society, you are still are ultimately marketing to humans. When someone comes to your site, what’s the thing they’re looking for? What call to action do you want them to take? What do they need to know or see about your business that will make them comfortable to take action? What items can we include that will cause your visitors to share your site and information with their circle of influence on their social networks? While we understand your desire to rank well on search engines, we also understand that when you do a great job of marketing to people, the search engine rankings follow.

Step 3 – Site-Map Design.
There’s no bells and whistle with this process but it’s a step many web design companies fail to do. This is one of the most important stages in the development of a fully optimized website. A Site-Map is simply the structural map of the content of your website. It shows everything to what will be included on the home page and top level navigation down to the sub pages and drop down menus of every page of your website. We create a Site-Map for every website we develop and walk you through each section to ensure nothing is left out.

Step 4 – Design Concepts.
This is the phase we love at Barrett Creative. Our award-winning graphic design team begins each new website with a completely blank canvas in a program called Photoshop. We don’t use pre-made templates or themes. We create a completely custom and unique theme for you…from scratch. Why? Because we understand that each business is unique and your website should convey that uniqueness as well. We combine the information from the 3 previous steps to create a website that clearly communicates your message, is incredibly easy to navigate and is beautifully laid out and designed. We review every page of your design concepts with you and make any last revision before we send your custom design to the development team.